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Purple Epoxy


We are a private studio meaning we only cater to one client at a time (one pole, one client, one instructor), I believe that this allows me to properly train students safely and at their best pace.

Beginner to Advanced Acro Pole

Acro pole is the basic sport of pole dance, this is where all students begin, no fitness or dance background required. It is important for all students, even if they want to focus on exotic pole, to start in acro pole, as it is where you learn the basics of pole dance (tricks, combos, holds, strength/flexibility). All classes will include warm-up, trick/combo practice, strength building, and cool down stretch. 


Classes are taught at the speed of the student, as such there are no prescribed timeframes for learning or advancing through the levels, every-body is different. 

Exotic Pole (Stripper Style)

Exotic Pole is a style popularized by exotic dancers (strippers) and is what most people think about when you talk about pole dance. All tricks emphasize the dancer's sexuality and will help encourage strength, coordination, flexibility, and self-confidence. Most students are a little shy and nervous to try exotic dance, but I guarantee everyone has felt the same way. Once you put on your heels and enter the positive, no-judgement environment, you will fall in love with yourself as a dancer! 

Heels and kneepads suggested but not required for novice dancers.

RX Pole (Russian Exotic)

RX Pole or Russian Exotic is a popular style in pole dance combining acro tricks, exotic movements, and contemporary dance routines. Students will learn how to move smoothly between tricks and transitions while executing beginner to advanced dance routines.


I have a passion for this style and have used it to mold my own dance identity, if you want to check out some of my work click below!

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Fashionable Girls

Chelsea, Student

"Sydney is literally the best instructor ever. She really loves what she does, and you can tell, if you want to learn pole 10000% go to her."
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