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Pole Dance Studio

Maternity Leave


Class spaces Wed, Fri, Sat available until July 2024

Pole Dancer


Siren Pole Fitness is a private pole fitness studio offering 1/1 instruction in Surrey B.C. to female clients. We want to bring you a fun, focused, and safe environment in which to learn new tricks and skills at your own pace under the watchful eye of a trained instructor with over twelve years experience.



Work at Your Own Pace

Some people are fast learners, some are slow, but we all want to be safe! Training privately means we can work at whatever pace is best for the client, this means we can keep you safe and get you the skills you are looking for. I have found this gives students a more fun/less pressure environment which means more success!


No Stress, No Judgement

"I'm a little nervous to look silly in front of other people that have more experience than me." Training in a judgment free, stress free environment is the number one reason I see clients sign up for private classes. We want you to feel tired but happy and accomplished after your classes not demoralized and frustrated.


Flexible Schedule

With a private class there are more options to skip weeks and take classes during the day or afternoon when normal studio spaces are not available. This is helpful for evening/shift workers and stay at home moms who want to train but have limited evening availability. Also with no memberships its means if you didn't take any classes, there are no extra payments that week.

Thanks, we'll get back to you soon!

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