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My name is Sydney aka SydSiren and I am the owner and head instructor at Siren Pole Fitness and Pole Flow Academy. If you're looking for a fun person to push you to be the best you can be and learn some new skills, I'm your girl!


Check out some of my work on IG to get a better idea of my style.

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Purple Epoxy


I started taking pole classes on a whim twelve years ago while I was in university, I was looking to improve my health and find a style of fitness that could hold my attention, like most students I found the gym too boring. After two classes I was hooked and within a year I had worked myself up to intermediate level and started teaching beginner level students at the studio I was training with. 

I am so proud of my personal and professional growth over the past twelve years; I have worked in-studio and online for multiple studios both in Canada and Internationally, taught multiple workshops and teacher trainings, judged competitions, and built my own online studio and community through IG.


I absolutely love my job and find real joy in helping other discover their dancing potential. If you're interested in having me as an instructor, teach a workshop online or in-person, or some other opportunity please feel free to reach out!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities so if you're looking for an instructor to teach a workshop, judge a competition or something else please reach out, can't wait to hear from you.

Text- 778-866-1649

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